CFC Leaders Meet with DSS

CFC Leaders Meet with DSS

Caring Families Coalition Leaders Press DSS to Solve Redetermination and Communications Problems


Leaders of the Caring Families Coalition (CFC) met with Astread Ferron-Poole, Director of Administration,  Lisa Wells, Operations Manager, Albert Williams, Operations Manager, and David Dearborn, Communications Director, from the Department of Socials Services (DSS) today (11/14/13) to press for automatic redetermination renewals until such time as DSS can solve their internal problems. CFC leaders told stories of people receiving cutoff notices from DSS even though the paperwork for redetermination had been sent in.

DSS officials acknowledged the problem and stated that people who have sent in the paperwork will not be cut off even if they have received a cutoff notice as long as the paper work was submitted and there has been no change in their status.

Angela Lewis-Shakes, CFC Co-Chair, detailed the problems people were having trying to use the new phone system, Connect. People whose phones have limited minutes were using up all of their monthly minutes while on hold waiting to talk to DSS. It is common for people to have to wait for hours before their calls are answered.  Angela stated that the new system is worse than the old system.

DSS officials agreed that the current experience of people trying to contact DSS by phone was unacceptable. Astread Ferron-Poole told CFC leaders that DSS would meet with the contractor for the phone system to correct the problems of people having to wait on the phone and people being cut off while on hold. She promised that the phone system will eventually work perfectly.

CFC leaders and DSS officials agreed to review progress on these and other issues in a meeting to be scheduled.

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