We began working on health care issues in 1984 when seniors at community meetings started telling stories about how much money they were spending out-of-pocket to pay for prescription drugs and doctor co-pays. We responded by building a state wide coalition called United Seniors in Action (USA). In a few short years the thousands of seniors who became active in USA had:

1)    Created a prescription drug program (ConnPACE) that saved low income seniors millions of dollars per year;

2)    Secured legislation that forced doctors to accept Medicare Assignment saving seniors from over $40 million per year in doctor over charges;

3)    Passed legislation that forced the insurance companies that sell Medicare Supplement policies in CT to use “community rating” so that they could not charge the oldest and frailest seniors the highest premiums;

4)    Strengthened discharge planning requirements to protect people leaving the hospital.

The Caring Families Coalition (CFC) was created in 1999 when we expanded our health care organizing to include people of all ages.

In the last fourteen years CFC has organized campaigns on dozens of health care issues to make sure that the voices of consumers are heard. Some examples include:

  • Beat back the Governor’s proposal to force 35,000 parents with HUSKY A insurance to purchase private insurance;
  • Passage of health care reform at the federal level with the Affordable Care Act;
  • Passage of health care reform at the state level;
  • Removed discriminatory sentencing in CT’s Crack & Powder Cocaine Law;
  • Restored health care insurance for immigrants living in Connecticut;
  • Increased funding for home health care.