Husky C


What is Husky C?
Husky C is Medicaid for the aged, blind and disabled, also referred to as Title XIX of the Social Security Act. Those who are eligible are: Individuals age 65 or older, Disabled individuals between the ages of 18 and 65, and blind individuals. Another requirement to apply for Husky C is one must show proof of U.S. citizenship or proof that they are an eligible non-citizen. Eligible non-citizens include Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR), Refugees, Asylees, Cuban/Haitian entrants, Trafficking Victims and Veteran families.

What is the Husky C asset limit and how does it affect me?
Husky C is the only state medical program that has asset limits for aged, blind and disabled individuals at $1,600.00 for a single individual and $2,400.00 for a married couple.

There are several assets that are excluded:

  • Home Property including the dwelling and the surrounding property.
  • Non-Home Property, excluded for as long as the individual is making a bona fide effort to sell the property.
  • The Department places a lien against non-home property if the recipient enters a long term care facility, but only under certain conditions.
  • Life Insurance – the cash surrender value of life insurance is excluded if the face value of all such policies is less than $1,500.00. If the face value exceeds the $1,500.00 limit, the cash surrender value of the policy is counted toward the asset limit. Term insurance is not counted.
  • Motor Vehicles – excluded if it is needed for employment or the treatment of a specific medical condition.
  • If one spouse is institutionalized, one motor vehicle is excluded.
  • If no motor vehicle is totally excluded, up to $4,500.00 of the fair market value of one motor vehicle is excluded.
  •  Burial Funds
  • Up to $1,800.00 of a burial fund is excluded, or $1,500.00 if one spouse is institutionalized.
  • Up to $5,400.00 of an irrevocable burial fund is excluded currently. Additionally, a burial plot which is grave site, opening and closing of a grave site, cremation urn, casket, outer burial container and a headstone or marker, including a contract for the aforementioned items. A gravesite may include a crypt or mausoleum

What is Caring Families Coalition doing about this issue?
The CFC leadership Team is concerned that the Husky C asset limit discriminates against the aged, blind and disabled. None of the other Husky programs for pregnant women, children, caregivers and other adult populations have this severe asset limit, which greatly reduces the number of people who qualify for the program. This leaves many more aged, blind and disabled individuals without coverage who would be eligible if not for this asset limit. CFC will be holding further meetings to develop a plan for this issue. Keep up to date with the developments by liking Caring Families Coalition on Facebook, following @caringfamilies on Twitter, emailing, or calling the office number, (860)-970-7284.

What Can You Do?
If you believe this discriminatory asset limit is unjust and would like to do something about it, join our campaign and come to our organizational meetings and future actions. Contact CFC at 860-524-0502 for more information on the Husky C asset limit or to join other CFC members in meeting with legislators to make sure that community member voices are heard.