Influencing Public Policy

CFC packing the room

CFC packing the room

CFC organizes consumers of health care so that they can have a say in the public policy  changes that affect them. The providers and payers all have the resources to hire lobbyists to protect their interests. CFC works to protect the interests of the consumer.

Every day major changes take place in the health care system:

  • Changes in the way services are provided and how providers get paid
  • New legislation on the federal and state levels
  • New regulations to implement legislation passed
  • Changes in how health care providers treat consumers of health care
  • Changes in how insurance companies treat consumers of health care
  • Technology changes
  • Increased consolidation through hospital mergers and new expanded physician networks.

These changes affect everyone: consumers of health care, health care providers (hospitals, physicians, etc.) and the organizations that pay for health care services (insurance companies, HMOs and the state and federal governments).