Husky Budget Cuts

Governor Malloy’s Budget Will Hurt Low Income Residents

Here’s how:

Husky A Health Insurance:

The budget proposed to cut Husky A for parents and caregivers with incomes between 138% and 201% of the federal poverty level ($28,000 – $40,000 for a family of three) and pregnant women with family incomes at 138% and 263% of the federal poverty level ($28,000 – $52,000 for a family of three). These cuts would potentially leave 34,000 working parents and pregnant mothers without health insurance.  Gov. Malloy thinks these parents could afford a policy on the exchange.  However, these will have premiums, deductibles, and copay and parents would lose dental coverage.  Caring Families Coalition members believe that these parents will opt out of buying market insurance because the cost will be too high.

Cuts to Medicaid (HUSKY) Provider Rate Dental Reimbursements:

Gov. Malloy is proposing a 5.6% cut in dental payments to dentist which may reduce the access to oral health services for those covered by the state Medicaid insurance and may have a negative impact on children’s care.  This cut may force dental providers to reduce or eliminate services to Medicaid patients.

What is Caring Families Coalition doing about these cuts?
The CFC Leadership Team is concerned about the proposed cuts to health care. CFC leaders have met with legislators, sent letters, and made several phone calls to alert their legislators.  CFC will be holding further meetings and taking action to eliminate these cuts to the budget. Keep up to date with the developments by liking Caring Families Coalition on Facebook, following @caringfamilies on Twitter, emailing, or calling the office number, (860)-524-0502.

 What Can You Do?

If you believe these budget cuts are unjust and would like to do something about it, join our campaign and come to our organizational meetings and future actions. Contact CFC at 860-524-0502 for more information or to join other CFC members in meeting with legislators to make sure that community member voices are heard.  Acting together we can make a difference.